The speaker suspension bridge has arrived.

We have just finished and tested the second incarnation of the speaker suspension bridge and the results have been really pleasing.
They can comfortably take speakers up to 80Kg in weight with two units, perhaps a bit more, with two bridges, with no stability problems either with tall narrow speakers on top.
The sound improvement was quite noticeable, they lifted the sound, it was higher in the room, with a warmth and roundness that wasn’t there before. It took the sound out of the floorboards and let the speakers sing. All in all we are very confident that people are going to like these. It’s been a very satisfying day.
The bridges will be available in a variety of lengths to suit different speaker designs. The first set should ship out next week, so we are looking forward to some independent feedback on this new design.

Michell Gyrodec platform

We are now making a specific platform for the Michell Gyrodec. The feet are specifically placed to go under the the three turntable feet and under the centre of the motor to give extra isolation and noise reduction to this hifi icon. It has the added advantage of settling the turntable quickly, with it’s added damping. It can also be used with the Solidair Audio Michell Gyrodec Performance Pack for double isolation which gives really black silence and the performance of a far more expensive system.

New magnets

Our new specification magnets have arrived for developing the speaker suspension bridges. We tested some prototype feet at the local gym, where 4 feet floated 100Kg of stacked plates. They should cope with most speakers.
The new design suspension bridge is production and should be ready for trials next week. We have redesigned it to be more rigid and robust to take on some seriously big speakers.
The aim here is to reduce feedback through the floor, which can produce all sorts of upsetting sound interference, boom and vibration in the rest of the system. It will also upset your neighbours less too and bring more harmony to the world.

floating-at100Kg - Copy

magnets-under-100Kg - Copy