Are magnetic levitation feet safe with hard drives?

Are streamers safe on magnetic feet?
This video shows an experiment, putting a hard drive directly on three Ukishima 15 feet, to see if the drive is affected by the magnetic field.
I found no adverse effects on the performance of the drive, I also tried it at different angles to replicate different mounting arrangements in streamers with no issues.

Testing a hard drive on the powerful Ukishima 15 feet.

Michell Gyrodec platform

We have a happy customer in Seattle, who has taken delivery of one of our Gyrodec platforms.
“Isolation Platform has arrived and successfully installed – looks good and sounds even better”
Thanks to Mr Smith for the pictures and feedback.

The Ukishima 8 is here

We have introduced an upgraded option for the range of small feet. By having some new magnets specially made, we can offer a 30% more powerful foot in the same body package as the popular Ukishima 6. It gives a bit more load headroom and can be mixed with the “6” feet if you have a heavy corner, or an opening lid on a record player that makes one area work harder than the rest. We can also offer the new magnets as an upgrade for Ukishima 6 feet already out there working hard for your listening pleasure.