About Solidair Audio

Ultimate isolation for HiFi equipment is our goal. We know that interference from vibrations picked up along the signal path can cause the sound to deteriorate considerably. This needs to be reduced to a minimum for the most pleasurable listening experience. We believe we have the best solution to this in our range of products, which considerably surpass the performance of everything else we have experienced.

The feet we make have very low friction and built in damping, very little vibration gets through them. They do not colour the sound in any way, they simply remove what should not have got into the signal, by not letting it in in the first place. Most HiFi equipment either makes noise with moving parts causing vibration, or picks up vibration with microphonic components like capacitors and valves. Our solution not only stops vibration getting in, but also damps out inherent vibrations produced by the machine.

Most of our development is done through listening tests and comparison with other solutions and earlier models. This is the only way to truly know if what we do works. We have some of the best ears to take advantage of and run tests with HiFi critics and professional musicians to ensure we are doing it right.The results can be quite dramatic, giving much cleaner, clearer detail with a more punchy bass and separated sound stage. Also it is much easier on the ear, which makes listening for long periods of time comfortable, removing listening fatigue. There is a lot of really good HiFi out there sounding a bit ordinary, harsh or booming because it is not isolated properly. It is too tempting to spend out on the best stylus or tone arm only to be disappointed because there is too much noise to hear the subtle delightful differences that they make. Genuinely good isolation is essential, not just a nod in it’s direction, it makes a huge difference if you want a top end system.

We have done more scientific tests, which show a slight load dependant resonance, but this is not very helpful as it will vary with units with different weights. It does explain why a second layer of feet works so well though, as with a different loading, the resonance will be at a different frequency, one set absorbing the small resonance of the other. As a guide, it is the high frequency vibration that causes the most damage to the signal, so heavier equipment will have a lower resonant frequency, which is better. The feet work best when they are working hard, so don’t use more than you need and add weight to lighter units if necessary. It is easy to experiment, putting books on top for example, ultimately it may look better to add weight inside the box. I put a lead sheet on the base of my Audionote CD player, under the optical drive to give weight where it was needed and sticky back lead flashing inside the lid. Engineers just have to fiddle, but no need for the Viking Sagas on top anymore! Many optical disc players are too light for best performance.

Our quest for ultimate HiFi will continue, we listen and respond to feedback from our customers, dealers and reviewers and we will continue to develop ways to improve your listening experience.

Miles Kilby BEng(hons)  Solidair Audio