Dark Star speaker isolation review

Dark Star 50 Isolation Feet review from Dean in Sussex

The Dark Stars arrived…straight away I noticed stuff that was always there, but now it was just there. By that I mean a gentle rap on a cymbal or tap on a guitar body were so obvious that they were “just there”. I didn’t have to listen for it, or have a little “ooh did you hear that” audio moment. Everything was there as it always was but now it was an obvious and integral part of the music. Each word was utterly distinct without losing any of the accent or delivery style. Eurythmics ….they were together but perfectly individual. The separation of instruments ..was enhanced. When Bowie sings the word “you” for the third time on the track Time, he literally steps out of the system, a real wow moment. More complex music.. is now effortless to follow….subtleties, expression, definition, accuracy, have all improved to the point where the speakers really are doing that disappearing trick! The Darkstar 50’s have brought a perfect soundstage and utterly accurate imaging. A place for everything, everything in it’s place. This alone would be worth the cost. Remember the Darkstar 50’s have done this in a top flight, high end system, that was already at the top of it’s game. Within the context of my system, these are cheap as chips… they are a bloody bargain.

This is a heavily cut down version of the insightful review, the whole review can be read here.