Speaker suspension bridge testing

We took a variety of of our new speaker suspension bridges to Falmouth, to see what the great speaker guru, Julius Hyde, would make of them. Testing went very well on the bridges. The difference was instantly clear and substantial. The sound was not only significantly better with the feet under the speakers but the smallest details could be heard that had been previously unnoticed. The staging was precise and the bass powerful and crisp. The whole sound was sharper, yet more rounded and less shrill. Really quite delightful and easy on the ear. It was a revelation, as if you had been listening to a fabulous voice with some of the audience joining in and then suddenly, you were hearing it on it’s own. Julius commented one would have to spend many thousands of pounds in upgrades to get a similar performance improvement by another route. We were very pleased and relieved after all the hard work.
We also wanted to hear what would happen downstairs, to see if we had managed to reduce the sound transmission to rooms underneath the music room. The music was definitely quieter and less intrusive and with the suspension bridges in place, it sounded like distant music rather than a bass heavy noise. I made an attempt to be more scientific using a decibel meter; same track, same volume and found typically about 3dB less noise. This equates to about half the power transmission through the floor of the speakers without the suspension bridges. So good news for your neighbours too!

91dB in the listening room
77.8dB downstairs with supension bridges
81dB without suspension