Dark Star HiFi isolation products

We have developed a range of non-magnetic isolation products, based on the success of our Gyrodec Pylons. These feet use a variety of materials that have excellent acoustic properties. They are combined in such a way as to provide the high performance HiFi isolation you have come to expect from us. They also give an alternative option as they work on a different principle, but offer equally high end results.

Their main advantage over most other isolation products is their load capacity. They can be used under heavy equipment. A single foot can take over 50Kg, so there can’t be much out there that they wouldn’t be able to hold up. They also move less than our magnetic range, which gives good stability to taller equipment like speakers and racks. They were originally designed to be used under heavy and tall speakers. They can also be used under spikes, which some speakers come with as standard, to offer a much higher degree of isolation. They can of course be used under most HiFi units like disk players and amps aswell.

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