Bronze HiFi isolation

Solidair Audio Bronze HiFi isolation is a range of great looking, versatile high performance HiFi isolation feet. Some think these give the best sound, with more bass and richness, though the differences are quite subtle from the brass range.

The bronze HiFI isolation feet have a slightly rose gold colour them, which is very attractive and slightly unusual, giving a unique aesthetic. They work in the same way as the brass and the feet are the same size. They do weigh a little bit more, being satisfyingly heavy. They are just lovely things as well as being very good at their job.

They can accommodate the 4, 6 and 10Kg magnet sets, so can be offered in these options from stock. The larger 15 or 22Kg options will need to be made to special order, so contact us for a price if you think you may want to go that way.

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