Maglev HiFi isolation feet

There are many good HiFi components on the market, we can make them sound even better. There are many factors that make up a good HiFi system and choosing good components is just the start. The setup can make a huge difference to the sound quality. The shape and size of the listening room and how it’s furnished, the position of the speakers, the quality of the mains supply and racking. Then there is our focus, isolation. Cutting out unwanted noise from the signal is so important for the best sound. As the HiFi system, by its very nature, creates noise this needs addressing. Our magnetic levitation feet float your components in the air, decoupling them from their surroundings so they can do their job better. Not only that, they add damping to the system, which absorbs high frequency vibration from within the component. HiFi units with moving parts, like turntables and CD players create their own noise which needs quietening. Coils, present in most units, create hum as the coils try to move as they generate their magnetic fields. Some components, like valves and capacitors are microphonic, so pick up vibrations. All these things cloud the sound, blur the different sounds into each other and make listening tiring on the ears.
Our feet are great at reducing all this unpleasantness for a much more satisfying listening experience. We make several different types of foot to suit taste and budget. They are all in this section of the website.
We are also happy to take on custom projects for a more singular purpose.