Aluminium Hifi Isolation

Solidair Audio Aluminium Hifi Isolation

These Aluminium Hifi isolation feet are a great value range of high performance vibration decoupling products. They are designed to provide clear sound improvements in all HiFi systems.

They use the principle of magnetic levitation to float your hifi component in the air. Vibration from the shelving is therefore prevented from entering the system. Vibrations produced by moving parts or transformers within the system are also damped down.

This is important for sound quality because components like capacitors, valves and coils are affected by vibration. It causes a distortion in the sound signal, particularly in the higher frequencies. This muddies the sound resulting in reduction in definition and separation.

We are confident that you will notice a significant sound improvement with this isolation. Typically you will hear the different instruments and voices more clearly. The treble will be smoother and less tiring on your ears. Your music listening time will be a more joyful and satisfying experience.

There are different four maximum load capacities. 4, 6, 10 and 15Kg per foot, so it is useful to know the weight of your components. We suggest you use the least that you need, but you will need at least three feet.

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