Heavy load HiFi isolation feet

Solidair Audio Heavy load HiFi isolation feet to significantly reduce vibration and improve the sound quality of heavy HiFi components. This set of products are aimed at the heavy weight components such as valve amps and speakers.

As with all our feet it is best to use the lightest grade of feet you can, they seem to work better if you work them hard. You will need at least three feet for stability, but more feet can be used if necessary. Unlike spikes it doesn’t matter if you use more feet, you will still get the full benefit in the sound reproduction.

If you are using the feet on an uneven surface, it is better to have a bit of headroom in the weight capacity, or put something flat underneath. This is not usually a problem with shelving and racks, but floors are not usually completely flat. A rectangle of thick birch ply or MDF will work well on carpeted floor boards for example. Often large DIY will cut a sheet down for you with no charge.

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