Michell Turntable Upgrades

The Solidair Audio Michell Turntable Upgrades are a set of performance upgrade kits for the Michell range of turntables. We are great fans of the Michell equipment from the Iconic Transcriptor in its various guises to the current models. We mainly offer upgrades for the Gyrodec and Orbe models, as these are still available to buy and proving as popular as ever. Not surprising as they are probably the best looking affordable turntables available anywhere. We also offer products for the Transcriptor and Syncro. They are an aesthetic delight as well as being impressive sonically, so only our best efforts will do. We believe that we enhance the look of these turntables with our striking feet. Even our modifications that you can’t normally see look fabulous, because we know they are there.

The upgrades offer improved isolation, reducing vibrations in the turntable itself and prevent feedback vibrations from the speakers entering the system. The result is a clearer sound, with better separation and definition of voices and instruments. Shrill treble is cut down making it easy to listen for hours without fatigue. Some setups have a boom at low frequencies, which is a setup issue and not the deck and probably not your speakers either. The turntables sound good to start with, but with our Michell turntable upgrades you could be tricked into thinking you were listening to a much more expensive machine.

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