magnetic levitation

Magnetic levitation is used to float HiFi components in the air and doing so, decouple them from their surroundings to cut out vibrations. Here are some of our thoughts and reasoning.

This is a principle used to isolate very sensitive scientific experiments from external vibration. Sometimes floating whole rooms this can be a very unwieldy and expensive operation. At Solidair Audio we have used the principle, but simplified it and reduced it’s size so it is suitable for home use. The product name “Ukishima”, Japanese for “floating island” sums up what we are aiming to achieve.

The advantages are that the magnetic levitation provides a very non linear spring to suspend the weight. The spring weight changes considerably with distance, so it is difficult to set up any resonance. Also if there is any movement it generates eddy currents in the magnets that produce damping. Damping is great to eliminate resonance as well. Those high frequency vibrations, usually from moving parts like coils and bearings and from the music itself can no longer feed back into the system. The sound is considerably cleaner and less tiring on the ear.

Some say “Don’t put magnets near HiFi” but we clearly disagree. Our feet are designed to have the larger section on top, to distance the magnet from the component. The magnetic field dies away very quickly with distance as is soon undetectable over the earths magnetic field. Most Hifi Units have steel boxes to encase the electronics, this is useful too, as it is magnetically permeable. This means it short circuits the magnetic field and stops it passing through. We have done tests with sensitive equipment to show that you should not have any issues with the magnets. Not unless you are very reckless anyway. Please don’t try eating them!

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