Solidair Audio

The Solidair Audio mission.

Many companies produce great HiFi components. As you get higher in the range you have to pay a lot more to get a little better. At this point it seems sensible to address the biggest component, the listening room. Few of us can afford to set up or build a dedicated room with ideal dimensions and sound diffusers. We can still do a lot to improve the space we have though. Carpet with heavy underlay, comfy as well as good sonically. Curtains and soft furnishings all help reduce sound reflections, it’s all textiles to me (glazes over instantly) but my wife is good at this stuff. Sturdy level shelving or HiFi stands, then isolation. Solidair Audio isolation.

At Solidair Audio our mission is to make the best HiFi isolation and at a sensible price. We want you to be able to improve the sound of your components to be better than the next upgrade, for less money. We also want you to be able to carry on using and benefiting from our products if you change or upgrade your components.

We have a purpose build workshop to develop new products and provide most of the manufacturing capacity. We work closely with richly talented local businesses and other reliable suppliers to bring you the best products. If you haven’t tried us yet, why not hear what good isolation can do for your system.

Probably the best HiFi feet in the world…makes the music great again!” “Beautifully made and engineered” “Many thanks for producing such a quality product in both and looks and performance” Thanks to our customers for your kind words, they mean a lot to us.

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