The Solidair Audio Pro-ject turntable high performance isolation, to provide a significant sound improvement for these popular turntables

Pro-Ject Turntable Performance Pack


A special set of isolation feet for the Project Turntable range with three cone feet.


Solidair Audio Pro-Ject Performance Pack

The Solidair Audio Pro-ject turntable high performance isolation pack is a set of the best quality magnetic isolation feet specifically designed for the Pro-ject turntables with three cone feet.

The feet simply screw on in place of the standard feet, offering a considerable improvement in vibration damping and isolation from external sources. The sound improvement is significant on this turntable, which has the motor mounted on the chassis, though suspended this adds to the background noise. The standard deck can be a bit boomey at some frequencies and harsh at the top end but we can remove all that with these high performance isolation feet.



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