Dub Star 63 free standing isolation feet


Solidair Audio Dub Star 63 free standing feet are high performance versatile isolation feet particularly suitable for turntables.


Dub Star 63 Free standing isolation feet

These are softer sprung versions of the 2.5″ Dark Star 63 feet. We named them Dub Star as they can absorb lower frequencies and deep bass which can upset lighter equipment and particularly turntables. They are similar in proportion and looks to the Dark Star range, but they are a little taller as they compress under load.

They give a clearer sound, with better instrument separation and improved imaging. Blacker quiet passages and reduced surface noise on turntables.

The overall diameter of the Dub Star feet is 65mm (2.6 inches) and they are about 60mm tall but about 52mm when working.  They weigh around 140 grams (5oz). Their load capacity can be selected depending on your needs. They don’t have a minimum weight but their maximum recommended loading  goes up in roughly 3kg increments for a single foot, up to about 18kg.

The main body is made from a carbon fibre tube which holds an African blackwood foot on an elastomer web. They are best used on a hard flat surface as they have an X cross section O ring in the base to provide further damping.

They are very versatile and can be used under most HiFi units, though they were primarily designed for turntables. (Standard Dark Star feet would be a better choice for speakers.)

We would normally recommend using four feet, but sometimes three is more suitable. Please be aware that uneven weight distribution of a component may require use of different capacity feet to level the unit. Additional cork discs on top can be used for fine adjustments, they are about 1mm thick. We can also machine the feet to different heights if required.


Please note :

All our wood is obtained through sustainable Cites certified suppliers.

The price is for one foot. Please select the number needed. You will need at least three, four will generally be more stable.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 11 cm


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