Ukishima 15A – Fully Adjustable Hifi Sound Isolation Spike Feet (set of three)


Solidair Audio, Ukishima 15A, adjustable magnetic levitation feet for hi-fi (Box of three 15Kg model) are made from polished brass and stainless steel to look fabulous and considerably reduce vibration and improve the sound quality in all hi-fi equipment.


The Solidair Audio, Ukishima 15, magnetic levitation, isolation feet for hi-fi (Box of three 15Kg model). Made from polished brass and stainless steel to accurate tolerances. They are designed to look fabulous and considerably reduce vibration in all hi-fi equipment. These are the adjustable model, so have more flexibility in where you place them. This set is particularly suited to use with mid-weight speakers, where there is more weight at the front, so a foot on each corner and one in the middle at the back. Lighter speakers can use the Ukishima 6 set.
You will notice an immediate improvement to the sound quality. Typically, improved sound stage, harshness removed from high notes and more clarity, detail and solidity. On AV equipment a clearer crisper picture will be seen as well.

A quote from Julius Hyde, designer and maker of the legendary Impulse and Aspara horn speakers: “My transistor amp now sounds like a good valve amp, less harsh, the hardness and brittleness have been taken away.”

Place the feet under your CD, DVD, Blu-ray, amp, pre-amp, turntable, speakers……..

Start at the corners and move them to even the load. The working range of loads are from 2Kg to 15Kg per foot or 6Kg to 45Kg for a set of three feet (1 box), which will cover most turntables, lighter valve amps, speakers and heavier other units. The feet are typically about 45mm in height and 41mm in diameter (wide) when in use under load.

Some products are quite unbalanced, usually due to the position of heavy transformers and may need one foot in the middle, two on one side and just one on the other. Or arrange them to suit your aesthetic judgement.

Make sure the feet are not fully compressed under load, or they will not be doing their job. (You may want to remove the standard rubber feet or solid spikes from your hi-fi separates for cleaner lines and more freedom with your setup.)

Tall units with a small footprint, like floor standing speakers, may be too unstable for use with this kind of foot for support.

Take care not to drop them as the central locating rod is thin, out of necessity to eliminate friction and give the best performance. It can be bent under impact. If you feel compelled to dismantle the feet, please take great care with the magnets. As well as the dangers to personal injury, the magnets are quite brittle and can break easily if allowed to move in an uncontrolled way. We can fix any issues, of course, but that may mean sending it/them back to us.

Used properly, these feet will give you many years of reliable service and improved enjoyment of your beloved hi-fi equipment. For high end audio this would be the most cost effective upgrade you can make. I would not want to be without them, if you don’t agree, just send them back.


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