Aluminium speaker isolation suspension bridges

Speaker suspension bridge – Aluminium light


Set of four aluminium light speaker suspension bridges, to lift your speakers, floating them in the air and isolating them from the floor.


The Aluminium speaker isolation suspension bridges, to lift your speakers, floating them in the air and isolate  them from the floor.
These bridges are designed for lighter weight speakers, but work in the same way as their bigger brothers. They are designed for speakers from 2Kg to 20Kg in weight, the ones shown are 300mm long, but they can be easily made to a different length if needed, just tell us at checkout or email miles@solidairaudio.
The sound is kept out of the floor or shelf, it lifts the whole soundscape higher in the room, gives it more air and a richness and warmth that you don’t get when the woodwork joins in with the performance. The smallest details become clear and staging is so precise, it is a delight for your ears. They give your speakers an instantly audible and substantial upgrade.
Your downstairs neighbours will be happy too, in tests over half the power transmitted though the floor was cut out.

The Aluminium speaker isolation suspension bridges here will take speakers up to 300mm wide. They come in sets of four (two for each speaker). Please note the image of the speaker on the bridges shows the heavier model, but they look very similar.
The main bar is cut from 6mm Aluminium, so it is stiff and robust. The magnets are neodymium with a nickel plating and have proved very reliable, showing no sign of deterioration after several years in service.

Please be aware that the magnets are powerful and that extreme care should be taken if you decide to disassemble the bridge for any reason. The speaker cables should also be kept at least a few inches from the bridge magnets, (though we have never noticed any sound difference, even when the wire touches them).


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