Dark Star 50 Landing Pad – A coaster for the Dark Star feet for use on carpet


Solidair Audio String Theory landing pads feet to fit our Dark Star 50 feet

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Dark Star 50 Landing Pad

The Dark Star Landing Pad is for use with the Dark Star 50 feet. The foot locates into the pad and it stops it sinking into soft surfaces, like carpet, which could interfere with the free movement of the foot, reducing performance. The landing pads are not necessarily needed if the feet are to be used on a flat hard surface like a solid floor, shelf of HiFi rack. They can also be used to stop movement on slippery surfaces. They are made from carbon fibre sheet to match the material and colour of the Dark Star range.

They are sold individually so you can just get as many as you need. They add 1mm to the height of the foot. They can be rubber soled to prevent sliding on more slippery surfaces like acrylic or polished stone, this will add another 1mm to the height.

(Please note price is for one pad.)

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 11 cm


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