Ukishima 4 Bronze isolation foot

Ukishima 4 bronze – HiFi isolation (single foot)


This is a top end HiFi isolation foot with polished bronze body.


Ukishima 4 bronze – Single Bronze isolation foot

The single Solidair Audio  4Kg Bronze isolation foot, to allow flexibility in your setup. Usually we sell sets of four feet because one foot in each corner works on most HiFi components. At least three feet are needed for stability, but they don’t need to be the same power of foot. Sometimes HiFi units are heavy on one side, therefore a mix and match of 4Kg, 6Kg or 10Kg feet may be useful. Some people prefer to use three feet, but our feet do not work like spikes, so fewer isn’t better (except for your cash flow). They use the same body as the 4 and 10, so mix well with them visually. They all have the same high performance to reduce noise in the signal. The single foot listing is so that you can order a specific number or make up a mixed set. They take the standard adjusters that we offer too, in case they are needed.

These are special bronze isolation feet to really show how good your hifi can sound. They sound slightly better than the brass in every department, but sadly the machining and basic material cost quite a bit more. Each foot can carry from 0.1Kg to 4Kg or 0.4Kg to 16Kg for a set of four. You need to make sure that the minimum weight less than the force needed, where it is to be used. The harder they work the better, but on an uneven surface, like some floors, you may need a bit of headroom on the maximum capacity.

Normally supplied in polished bronze with micro-crystaline wax finish, they can also be electroplated if preferred to special order, again contact us for details on this option. Their natural colour is a very attractive gentle rose gold.



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