Ukishima 6 Oak – Hifi Sound Isolation Feet (set of four)


Solidair Audio, Ukishima 6 Oak, magnetic levitation feet for hifi (Box of four 6Kg model) are hand made from burr oak, polished brass and stainless steel to accurate tolerances. They give extraordinary sonic results.


Ukishima 6 Oak – Hifi Sound Isolation Feet (set of four)

The Ukishima 6 Oak is a hand turned wooden bodied version of the Ukishima 6. There is a brass bearing inside and the foot is made of brass too, but the body is burr oak, for a more unusual and beautiful aesthetic. They work in the same way as the brass units to cut down vibration and signal noise but the wood gives more detail and warmth to the sound and air and volume to the sound stage. They add a delicacy which would be appreciated on a higher end system, they are our best sounding product so far.
As with all our products, they are designed for HiFi that is on show, to deliver form and function in a discreet, individual and attractive way.
The feet carry 0.5-6Kg each (up to 24Kg for a set of four evenly loaded feet).
They are 32mm in diameter and about 40mm tall in normal use.
These are non-adjustable feet, the normal adjusters will not fit these units, though we can supply a modified version of the adjuster. It gives less travel than the brass feet, but up to about 5mm is achievable. Some adjustment can be made with the use of cork discs which we supply with the feet. It is best if the feet are moved to a position to level the HiFi unit.

Customer review
“The feet arrived a little more than a week ago and I have had them supporting an acrylic platform, upon which my Clearaudio Performance DC turntable sits.
I have intentionally waited some time before I write you, as I wanted to confirm that what I was hearing was not early euphoria. Now that days have gone by, and I have spun more than a few of my favourite records, I must say that the improvement it has brought to my turntable system has been significant. The noise floor has just dropped significantly, the tempo of the music seems more correct and the ‘blacks’ in silent passages of music are so much more ‘black’. Suffice to say, the level of improvement I have realised is akin to upgrading a cartridge or phono stage; and I don’t mean entry level ones. I am truly, one happy customer.” Mr Nair, Western Australia


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