Ukishima 10 – HiFi isolation feet (set of 4)


This is an isolation foot that can carry 30% more load than the Ukishima 6, using the same body.


Ukishima 10 – HiFi isolation feet (set of 4)

This set of high performance HiFi isolation feet will carry a bit more load than the Ukishima 6. It has an up-rated magnet set that can carry around 50% more weight, so each foot can carry from 1Kg to 10Kg or 4Kg to 40Kg for a set of four. It can accommodate slightly heavier units. Sometimes HiFi units are heavy on one side, so a mix and match of 6s and 10s may be useful. They use the same body as the 6, so mix well with them visually and have the same high performance to reduce noise in the signal. Please contact us for pricing if you need a mixed set, or for adjuster or adaptor options. Note that the feet are listed individually too if ytou are happy to organise this yourself.
Normally supplied in polished brass, with microcrystaline wax finish, they can also be electroplated if preferred to special order, again contact us for details on this extra cost option.


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