Ukishima Custom Platform – A normal duty platform to your specifications


A stunning looking floating acrylic platform with four adjustable magnetic levitation feet for smaller hi-fi separates or to craete a double magntic supension for ultimate isolation.


Ukishima Cusom Platform

A stunning looking floating  acrylic platform with four adjustable polished brass, aluminium or wooden  magnetic levitation feet. It stands about 50mm high, depending on load up to 0 to 35Kg, depending on feet selected. It can be used as part of a double magnetic suspension systems for ultimate isolation. This has been designed to look great with high end hi-fi and give you the unique Soildair isolation experience, without having to make any adjustment to your hi-fi units. You just place the component on the platform adjust the feet for level and enjoy the sound improvement.

You can also put this under existing isolation for further audiophile gains. For high end equipment this will probably be the best value for money upgrade you can make, to make the most of all that fine equipment, without noise being picked up and upsetting the sound. Typically the quiet parts of the music become black and noiseless, the high notes are pure and have no harsh edge and the bass is deep and fast. The difference is quite significant and does not colour the sound in any way, it just takes out the noise.

The stated price is a starting point for a 350 x 450 with 6Kg aluminium feet. Different feet and acrylic thicknesses can be easily catered for, please contact us for a price and delivery date.


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