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Dark Star Spike Dock – For use under Hifi equipment with spikes as standard


Solidair Audio String Theory feet are high performance versatile isolation feet suitable for most for HiFi components.

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Dark Star Spike Dock

The Solidair Audio Dark Star Spike Dock has a brass insert designed to take the end of a spike, often used on speakers and HiFi racks.

Spikes have been used for many years to provide some degree of isolation. They do offer some sound improvement, but by their nature, they are unable to provide true isolation. Many speakers and HiFi racks use them as they are relatively inexpensive and can take a lot of weight. They can also be adjusted easily for the purpose of leveling the component they are attached to. Their main problem is that they can’t eliminate vertical vibration. With the Dark Star Spike Docks under them, you still have all the plus points of spikes, but with true vertical vibration isolation.

They give a much clearer sound, with better instrument separation. The sound is easier on your ears, with the fatiguing high frequency interference eliminated. They will really show of the capabilities of your speakers whatever surface they are currently supported on. On wooden floors there is a whole world of difference, it is like a massive speaker upgrade.

We ran some tests under speakers and the results were quite superb. “Where has the speaker gone?” and “It’s just a wall of sound” were two of the feedback comments. It was like the sound was just in the air and not coming out of the speakers at all once the Dark Star feet were underneath. We were very pleased with the results to say the least. The speakers and turntable used were high quality, but the amp was a very modest transistor amp which made it even more impressive. The speakers in the pictures were taken in one of our dealer’s listening room, with concrete carpeted floor and high quality components. We were not sure how much effect the feet would have here, but the improvement was immediately obvious. The sound was cleaner, better defined and just a joy to listen to.

The overall diameter of the Dark Star Spike Dock feet is 52mm (2 inches) and height around 30mm (1.2 inches). They weigh around 55 grams (2oz). Their load capacity has been tested up to 50Kg (110lb) for a single foot, but they look like they could take more. The main body is made from a carbon fibre tube which holds an ebony foot on a braided nylon web. They are very strong and do look rather splendid. They can be used as they are on a hard flat surface, or with a Landing Pad (coaster) on a soft surface like carpet. The Landing Pad adds 3mm (1/8 inch) to the height and they are sold separately as they are not always needed.

We also have a new carbon fibre suspension bridge and other types of suspension bridge using this type of feet, which can be made for any size of speaker.

We can make inserts for other applications too, for example to screw onto existing fittings. Please contact us if you like advice on this.


Please note :

All our wood is obtained through sustainable Cites certified suppliers.

The price is for a single Dark Star Spike Dock foot.

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