Ukishima Natural wood – Single Hifi isolation feet with up to 15Kg capacity


Solidair Audio, Ukishima Natural Wood, magnetic levitation feet for hifi (Box of four) are hand made from a variety of high quality materials to accurate tolerances. They give extraordinary sonic results.


Ukishima  Natural Wood – Hifi Sound Isolation Feet (Single feet if a set of four is not what you need)

The Ukishima Natural Wood isolation feet are hand turned wooden bodied versions of the Ukishima with a choice of magnet sets to suit your required weight capacity. There is a choice of materials to give a beautiful aesthetic. They work in the same way as the brass units to cut down vibration and signal noise but the wood gives more detail and warmth to the sound and air and volume to the sound stage. They add a delicacy which would be appreciated on a higher end system.
They give you more isolation than the metal versions and lend themselves particularly well to under speaker applications for this reason.

The materials we keep in stock are Burr Oak and African Blackwood, though we can provide other types of wood if a particular finish is required. We have suppliers who can obtain most types of wood from sustainable sources.

As with all our products, they are designed for HiFi that is on show, to deliver form and function in a discreet, individual and attractive way.
The feet carry 0-4kg, 0.5-6kg, 1-10kg and 2.5-15kg each. the lower figure is the minimum weight needed to make them work. The higher figure is when they are about to bottom out. Ideally select the feet that are around the midrange of your weight requirement, this allows for cable weight and variations caused by uneven weight distribution and uneven surfaces. A flat level surface will make life much easier.
They are 32mm in diameter and about 40mm tall in normal use. The 15 kg option are larger at 42mm in diameter and about 44mm tall.
These are non-adjustable feet, though the normal adjusters will fit these units to make them height adjustable. Some adjustment can be made with the use of cork discs which we supply with the feet. It is best if the feet are moved to a position to level the HiFi unit.

Please note that at least three feet will be required for any hifi unit. We recommend using four for greater stability. Valve amps may need an extra foot at the back to carry the transformers, or two heavier rear feet and two lighter front feet.

Ideal load guide per foot:        4kg foot – 0.5 to 3kg        6kg foot – 1 to 5kg        10kg foot – 3 to 8kg        15kg foot 5 to 12kg


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0-4kg, 0.5-6kg, 1-10kg, 2-15kg


Burr Oak, African Blackwood, Other – please specify


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