Ukishima Oak- Hifi Isolation Feet (single foot with 4, 6,10 or 15kg capacity)


Solidair Audio, Ukishima Oak, magnetic levitation feet for hifi are made from Burr Oak, brass and stainless steel to accurate tolerances. They are designed to look fabulous and considerably reduce vibration in all hifi equipment. These come as non-adjustable feet, though you can also buy the adjusters to screw into them.


Solidair Audio Ukishima Oak- Hifi Isolation Feet (single foot)

The Ukishima oak single feet offer a little more isolation than our other feet. This results in a beautifully clear and natural sound. These feet seem to work best in a larger room with efficient speakers when they sound absolutely delightful. With a more compromised setup some people find the bass a bit lacking, so for smaller speaker setups the metal versions may suit better. These are my personal favourites, but all these things are, to some extent, subjective.

The Ukishima Oak single Solidair Audio isolation foot, to allow flexibility in your setup. Usually we sell sets of four feet because one foot in each corner works on most HiFi components. At least three feet are needed for stability, but they don’t need to be the same power of foot. Sometimes HiFi units are heavy on one side, therefore a mix and match of 4Kg, 6Kg , 10 or 15Kg feet may be useful. After all, there is no such thing as ordinary HiFi. Some people prefer to use three feet, but our feet do not work like spikes, so fewer isn’t better (except for your cash flow). They use the same body as the 4 and 10, so mix well with them visually. They all have the same high performance to reduce noise in the signal. The Ukishima single foot listing is so that you can order a specific number or make up a mixed set. They take the standard adjusters that we offer too, in case they are needed.

The 4, 6, and 10kg feet are 31mm in diameter, the 15kg feet are 41mm. There is more on this later.

Ukishima oak single foot to go with the original Solidair Audio Hifi isolation feet. Designed to bring out the best in your HiFi components, they are made from polished brass and stainless steel to accurate tolerances. They are designed to look fabulous and considerably reduce vibration in your hifi components. Place the feet under your CD, DVD, Blu-ray, amp, preamp, turntable or speakers. You will notice an immediate improvement to the sound quality. Typically, improved sound stage, more clarity, detail and solidity. Harshness is removed from high notes, which allows listening for extended periods, without fatigue. On AV equipment you will get a clearer crisper picture as well.

To position the Ukishima feet, start at the corners and move them to even the load. The working range of loads are from 0-4kg,  0.5-6kg, 1-10kg for 4, 6 and 10’s respectively. This will cover most equipment.  The feet are typically about 40mm in height and 32mm in diameter (wide) when in use under load. The 15kg feet capacity is 2 – 15kg and the diameter is 41mm and 44mm tall, but we can make them the same height as the smaller feet if necessary.

Ideal load guide per foot:        4kg foot – 0.5 to 3kg        6kg foot – 1 to 5kg        10kg foot – 3 to 8kg        15kg foot 5 to 12kg

Some products are quite unbalanced, usually due to the position of heavy transformers. They may need an extra foot on one side, or two feet on one side and just one on the other. Arrange them to suit your aesthetic judgement. Make sure the feet are not fully compressed under load, or they will not be doing their job.  You may want to remove the standard rubber feet or solid spikes from your hifi separates for cleaner lines and more freedom with your setup. These are the non-adjustable feet, though you can buy the adjusters to screw into them if you need to. The adjusters give you more freedom in the placing of the feet.

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4kg, 6kg, 10kg, 15kg


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