A set of three more powerful magnetic levitation feet to float the heaviest versions of this icoic turntable.

Ukishima Gyro Plus – Gyrodec heavy performance pack


Ukishima Gyro Plus – The Solidair Audio Michell Gyrodec performance pack for the heavier or modified versions of the turntable.


Ukishima Gyro Plus – Gyrodec heavy performance pack

Solidair Audio high end isolation for Michell Gyrodec and Orbe, this pack is a specific set designed to compliment the aesthetic of the beautiful Michell Gyrodec and Orbe turntables. It has been upgraded with more powerful magnets to suit the heavier models fitted with the acrylic lid or with modifications, such as heavier platters or mats. If you think you may want to further modify your Gyrodec, this would be the option to go for as it has about 12Kg of headroom over the standard pack, with over 30Kg of capacity.

It comprises three modified brass and stainless steel Ukishima 10 feet and a turned billet aluminium motor spacer to compensate for the feet being 22mm taller than the standard cones. It offers a significant sound upgrade and additional damping for the adjustable spring mechanism in the standard unit. Typically you will clearly hear better separation of instruments and voices, as well as a much blacker silence in between. Shrillness will be reduced from the top notes and hours of listening will not be tiring.

The Gyrodec has springs to suspend the turntable and allow for levelling adjustment. The springs can be quite microphonic, so the damping afforded by the magnetic suspension really helps to reduce this noise. It also lets the turntable settle quickly to stillness, where the undamped springs let the setup bounce around for several seconds, when you release the downward pressure from the record clamp.
We know the Gyrodec very well and love the way it looks, so it was important to compliment the unique aesthetic of this iconic turntable and we think we have achieved this. The materials and shapes really look the part and could have come with the deck as standard equipment. In tests the feet made considerably more sound improvement than spending an extra £500 on the stylus. The magnetic field is also well contained and does extend anywhere near the sensitive signal path, so we are confident you would not be disappointed with this product on any level.

We have a video to show how to install the performance packs, in can be viewed here.

There is a black motor spacer option available as a different colour choice here.

This set compliments our Pylons really well to give a serious performance upgrade.


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