Michell Syncro Performance Pack


Magnetic levitation feet for the Michell Syncro and lighter Gyrodec models.


Michell Syncro Performance Pack

This is a specific performance kit which compliments the aesthetic of the elegant Michell Syncro turntable models with three cone/spike feet. It comprises two modified brass and stainless steel Solidair Audio Ukishima 6 feet and modified Ukishima 10 for the back foot. It offers a significant sound upgrade and additional damping replacing the standard foam sprung feet. The feet also damp the noise created by the motor and other moving parts to give a quieter background too.
We  love the way the Michell turntables looks, so it was important to compliment the unique aesthetic of these iconic turntables and we think we have achieved this. The materials and shapes really look the part and could have come with the it as standard equipment. The magnetic field is also well contained and does extend anywhere near the sensitive signal path, so we are confident you would not be disappointed with this product on any level.

Please note that this product uses the 6kg feet at the front so may not be suitable for heavier models over about 20Kg. Lighter models of the early Gyrodec can also use this set. The magnets can always be upgraded if necessary. People like one heavier duty foot at the back especially if they use a lid, which can easily be accommodated. The single foot heavy duty foot placed at the back as the weight distribution is not not so even on these models. Contact us for advice if in doubt.

The heavier Transcriptor and early Gyrodec pack use the heavier duty feet all round, which can take up to 30Kg of evenly distributed load.

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