Gyro performance pack black motor spacer option

Ukishima Gyro – Black motor spacer colour option


Anodised black motor spacer colour option for the Solidair Audio Ukishima Gyro performance packs.

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Ukishima Gyro – Black motor spacer colour option

This is to offer you a different colour option which may better suit some of the limited edition Gyro and Orbe turntables on a purely aesthetic level. Please note that this is a colour option only and not a product in itself. You will need to purchase one of our Gyro performance packs and add this option to it if you want the black motor spacer instead of the standard polished aluminium one.

It is compatible with the following performance packs:

Ukishima Gyro,

Ukishima Gyro Plus,

Ukishima Gyro Ebony,

Ukishima Gyro Aluminium

Ukishima Gyro Aluminium Plus

We have a video to show how to install the performance packs, in can be viewed here .

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 11 cm


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