Ukishima Gyro Short – Michell Gyrodec/Orbe performance pack


Ukishima Gyro Short – This is one of our performance packs for the Michell Gyrodec and Orbe turntables. This reduced height version for base mounted lidded versions will raise the performance of the turntable and give relaxed and delightful sound.


Ukishima Gyro Short – Michell Gyrodec performance pack for desk mounted lid versions

The Michell Gyrodec performance pack is designed for the Michell Gyrodec and Orbe turntables. It is a shorter version than our other packs, so can be used for turntables that have lids that restrict the available height inside them. If you lid is mounted on the chassis, you can use either type of of performance pack. The burr oak with a heart of African Blackwood used to make the feet raises the performance of the turntable to a whole new level which has to be heard to be believed. The detail, delicacy and size of the sound stage are all improved, voices have more air and warmth, the sound is sweat and luxurious. This new laminated construction of the feet gives a choice of finishes as well as a much improved sound from the heart of Blackwood.

This pack has three weight capacity options.

  1.  The standard 18Kg version is good for the SE models and gives quite a bit of spare capacity if you think you may want to further modify your turntable.
  2.  If you have a chassis mounted lid or full acrylic platform version we would suggest the 30Kg version with the 10Kg rather than 6Kg feet.
  3.   For early Gyrodecs with the motor mounted on the acrylic more weight is taken on the back, so a more powerful rear magnet set is needed to give better balance

The Gyrodec has springs to suspend the turntable and allow for levelling adjustment. The springs can be quite microphonic, so the damping afforded by the magnetic suspension really helps to reduce this noise. It also lets the turntable settle quickly to stillness, where the undamped springs let the setup bounce around for several seconds, when you release the downward pressure from the record clamp.
We know the Gyrodec very well and love the way it looks, so it was important to compliment the unique aesthetic of this iconic turntable and we think we have achieved this. These shorter feet may not give the turntable quite the majesty that the taller feet deliver, but you get all the sonic improvements. The materials and shapes really look the part and could have come with the deck as standard equipment. If you have a really good stylus, this set will let it shine. The magnetic field is also well contained and does extend anywhere near the sensitive signal path, so we are confident you would not be disappointed with this product on any level.

We have a video to show how to install the performance packs, which can be viewed here . These feet are installed in a similar way, but the leg also needs to be unscrewed as well as the foot. These feet simply screw back on to the M6 threaded stud that the leg was held on with.

If the best sound available from your beautiful turntable is your goal, also take a look at The Pylons and The Trinity. They all work well together, state of the art isolation design with exotic and 21st century materials to make these iconic decks sound truly extraordinary.

Please note that our products are hand made, which may take a few days. We carry a good stock of materials and make many parts in advance, so that we can turn around most orders quickly. For custom orders it will take a little longer and be aware that the price may vary for more exotic materials. Please contact us if you would like to choose the custom option.

Additional information

Weight capacity

18Kg (SE), 30kg (Full), 22kg(early models)


Polished aluminium, Polished Brass, African Blackwood, Custom choice


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