Custom speaker suspension bridge – made to your own specifications

Custom speaker and HiFi isolation suspension bridges, to suit your style and needs.


Solidair Audio Custom speaker suspension bridges

These Custom speaker isolation suspension bridges, offer superb speaker isolation. They lift your speakers or heavy equipment, floating them in the air and isolating them from their surroundings.
They can be made to fit a wide variety of speakers and other hifi components.
The sound is kept out of the floor or shelf, with speakers it lifts the whole soundscape higher in the room. You get more air and a richness and warmth to the sound that you don’t get when the floor joins in with the performance. The difference is immediately obvious and clear, it really needs to be heard to believe what this system does so well.

The custom suspension bridges here will take a lot of weight, each foot can carry about 22Kg maximum, which means over 40Kg per bridge, though we have lighter duty magnets as well, for lighter duties (15kg, 10kg, 6kg and 4kg at present). Our Dark Star feet can take a lot of weight, up t0 50kg each and offer greater stability than the mag lev feet. They come in 63mm, 50mm and 38mm (2 1/2″, 2″and 1 1/2″) diameter options.

The main bar can be cut from a range of materials, with different finishes, form natural to high polish or anodised in different colours. The fittings are made from hand turned and polished metal, again the choice is there to suit your needs and taste. The tops have scope for all sorts of designs.
The magnets are neodymium with a nickel plating and have proved very reliable, showing no sign of deterioration after several years in service.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and allow us to calculate the cost. Typically a set of four bridges will be around £600, the finish affects the price more than the size.

Please be aware that the magnets are powerful and that extreme care should be taken if you decide to disassemble the bridge for any reason. The speaker cables should also be kept at least a few inches from the bridges.

Additional information

Dimensions 150-700 × 42 × 55 cm


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