Ukishima 6 Al seconds

Ukishima 4 Aluminium – set of 4 isolation feet – cosmetic seconds


Cosmetic seconds – Aluminium HiFi magnetic isolation feet for high performance at lower cost.

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Solidair Audio Ukishima 4 Aluminium – set of 4 isolation feet

These work as well as the normal grade of feet, but may have some manufacturing or storage marks on the aluminium or magnets. The performance is unaffected, and to be honest you probably won’t even notice the blemishes once they are in place. Put the worst at the back and orient the front ones to show their best side for best aesthetic results.

Offering high end affordable HiFi isolation for most HiFi components.  They are made of aluminium, with a silver grey anodised, very low maintenance finish. The top and bottoms of the feet are faced with cork for further isolation and scratch resistance for your HiFi components and shelving.
Please note the orientation of the foot, with the larger section on top, they work better this way up.

A set of four feet, each with a capacity of 0 to 4Kg. They give a total capacity for the box of four of 0 to 16Kg. The feet are 31mm in diameter and vary between 29mm and 40mm in height depending on the load, typically 32 to 34mm in use.
These feet are suitable for most normal HiFi components, heavier amps and turntables may need the more powerful options.
As with our other products they offer excellent isolation properties for a huge range of Hifi. Anything with moving parts, coils, transformers, capacitors or valves will benefit from good isolation to clean up the signal and give a more detailed sweeter sound.
The listening tests we have carried out so far have been very positive, most people have been unable to tell the difference between these and our brass range, they give significant sound improvements and excellent value for money. If you have a very serious HiFi setup you may prefer the brass, bronze or wood ranges, but for most systems these are superb.


Please note that the main image shows 6kg feet and 4kg feet are shown in the last two images. (Smaller magnet diameter)


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