Vinyl Pucks

Record clamps or vinyl pucks are used to give a better contact between the vinyl and the platter of the turntable. A good one should give you a richer sound with better bass response. Ours go one further, offering vibration damping as well for even quieter silences and better clarity of the soundscape. The weight adds to the weight of the platter, effectively upgrading your platter and offering greater stability for the record. More energy goes straight into the cartridge, as the needle is forced to follow the groove more closely.

We don’t think function on it’s own is enough. There is no reason to make the puck anything but a beautiful object as well. It is on display and the centre of attention when in use, so needs to look good. We think we have achieved this with our design, combining form and function to give pleasure to more of your senses.

Please note that these take a while to make, with three sets of machining processes and two assembly processes. If they are not in stock allow two weeks from backorder date.

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