Blackwood Bass Driver – Vinyl puck in black wood and polished brass


The Solidair Audio Blackwood Bass Driver is a beautiful record clamp to bring you a richer sound with deeper bass and blacker silences.

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Solidair Audio Blackwood Bass Driver

The Solidair Audio Blackwood Bass Driver is a record clamp or puck that simply goes on top of the centre of your vinyl to hold it firmly to the platter. It is very easy to use and less fiddly than screw up clamps. It relies on its weight to firmly hold the vinyl against the platter. The improved contact between the two and the structure of the Bass Driver has several effects. You will notice an increase in volume as the needle is working more efficiently in the groove. The bass becomes clearer and better defined, more punchy and vital. The whole soundscape seems richer and more satisfying and the background is quieter.

The Blackwood Bass driver is quite heavy for it’s size, weighing around 600g, so it effectively adds weight to the platter. The reaction of the record to the stylus is reduced, making the stylus work harder and follow the shape of the groove more accurately. The core of the Bass Driver has damping properties to reduce external noise that can enter the system, for example bearing noise. Cleaning up noise from the very source of the sound gives you blacker silences and clearer separation, particularly in the lower frequencies. The core is designed to increase density and absorb unwanted vibration. It works better than a solid block of material, preventing sound reflections and resonance.

This version is hand turned from an attractive dark wood called African Blackwood, which is used in musical instruments because of it’s excellent acoustic properties. It has a natural deep brown to black colour and is complimented well with the polished aluminium centre section. It looks contemporary, yet has a classical feel to set off any good looking turntable. The widest part of the puck is about 88mm in diameter and it is about 39mm in height. Due to the hand made nature of the product, dimensions and weight do vary slightly, as they are all hand made, but they won’t be be far off.

“I can not believe the difference to my Gyrodec a massive increase in volume and deeper cleaner bass a truly astounding product I would like to thank you very much” John


We can make these from different woods and metals, but the price may vary. We have made silver/ebony, brass/burr oak,  purpleheart/aluminium, chrome plated brass/blackwood.

Please note that all our wood is obtained through sustainable Cites certified suppliers.

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Dimensions 9 × 9 × 4 cm


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