DubStar feet for Rega turntables

We have been working on two sets of DubStar feet to cover the Rega range of turntables. The Rega brand offer excellent value, critically acclaimed turntables which have been popular for many years. They have a lot of good features though we think they benefit from improved isolation as the standard isolation is quite limited. The upper range use an M6 thread to locate the standard feet and the entry level ones have a self tapping screw to secure the feet, so we have made a choice of two sets to cover the options.

The P1, 2 and 3 models can use a set that fit into the standard feet, so really quick and easy to install. They can be seen here.

The P6, 8 and 10 can take the M6 threaded version which can be seen here.

There is an event in mid October at Home Media in Maidstone Kent, where you can come and have a listen. I will be here on the Saturday if you fancy saying hello. The review on the M6 version and the details of the event can be found here.