Michell turntable Gyro/Orbe performance pack now available in Black Aluminium

The ever popular Gyro performance pack for Michell Gyrodec and Orbe turntables is now available in a Black Anodised finish. The motor spacer is also available in the same black finish to go with the dark finished machines. The option can be found here (don’t tell Jonny).

A new range of more affordable feet

We now have a new range range of more affordable feet. We have redesigned the feet slightly and made them out of aluminium to reduce the cost. They have a silver grey anodised finish, so no need for polishing or lacquering and they also offer a different choice of colour from the other feet in the range, which may suit some equipment better. They still offer fabulous isolation, but with a much less labour intensive finish and lighter weight, we are able to offer these at a lower price than than the other feet.
The feet come in a box of four with each foot supporting 0.5 to 6Kg for the Ukishima 6 Aluminium feet (2 to 24Kg for four) or 2 to 15Kg each for the Ukishima 15 Aluminium (8 to 60Kg for four feet).
We can offer 8Kg and 20Kg magnets or odd numbers of feet aswell if necessary.

The Ukishima 8 is here

We have introduced an upgraded option for the range of small feet. By having some new magnets specially made, we can offer a 30% more powerful foot in the same body package as the popular Ukishima 6. It gives a bit more load headroom and can be mixed with the “6” feet if you have a heavy corner, or an opening lid on a record player that makes one area work harder than the rest. We can also offer the new magnets as an upgrade for Ukishima 6 feet already out there working hard for your listening pleasure.