Speaker Isolation

Solidair Audio Speaker isolation uses magnetic levitation to float your speakers in the air. This may seem like a strange thing to do, but there are many benefits.

Speakers produce a lot of vibration, it is their job after all. Good speaker manufacturers go to great lengths to make their cabinets stiff and often quite heavy to maximise efficiency and prevent distortions. However the speakers still vibrate and consequently vibrate whatever they are sitting on. If the speakers are on a shelf or floorboards, these things become sound boards randomly tuned to different frequencies. As they vibrate the sounds they produce add to the original speaker sound and blur the sound you hear.

On a floor much of the floor’s karaoke is also sent into the room below which can be annoying for anyone downstairs.

The speaker isolation cuts out this unruly disruption. Typically you will find the whole sound stage lifts higher into the room. The sound will be clearer with more air between the instruments. The difference can be quite dramatic. Your neighbours will be happy too as that bass thump is taken out and all they can hear is nice distant music even at higher volumes.

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