speakers from 15Kg to 40Kg

In this category we have put Solidair Audio products to suit speakers from 15Kg to 40Kg in weight.
These will generally be for medium to large sized speakers and they maybe suitable to go under speakers on stands too. If in doubt put a speaker on the bathroom scales and check the weight. You may need to measure the width too, we use millimetres (inches times 25.4). You may just be able to look it up on the interweb, such a font of knowledge, most of the time.
Please note that if the with is not suitable for your speakers, we can make suspension bridges to any width within reason.
The maximum weight capacity of the products has a bit of extra headroom. However the maximum capacity will depend on the surface on which they are placed. A flat, level surface is best, as all the feet will be loaded evenly. If the surface is irregular it may require one or two feet to work harder and reduce the total load capacity. If this is the case and you are near 40Kg (88lb) we suggest you up to the next heavy weight speaker category.

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