Michell Turntable upgrades

Here at Solidair Audio we are renowned for our Michell turntable sound isolation upgrades. The Michell turntables are beautiful and very well engineered, they have isolation in the right places and sound great.

Why would you want to change this? We provide cutting edge isolation, using materials that were not available when these machines were designed. We can upgrade the sound considerably, without affecting the stunning good looks of these iconic machines. All our upgrades are reversable, requiring no permanent changes and installation is very straight forward. The machines we offer the most for are the Gyrodec and Orbe turntables, though we can can also help with older or simpler versions like the legendary Transcriptor and the more entry level Syncro and TechnoDec.

Where to start?

Most of the designs have the cone feet which are like spikes. These can be simply unscrewed and our mag-lev feet screwed on in their stead. Our Performance packs float the whole turntable in the air and isolate it from the platform it stands on. They also provide a degree of damping to absorb noise in the turntable.

The Gyrodec and Orbe have a spring suspension mechanism which provide good isolation of the turntable from the chassis, though can resonate and cause lack of top end clarity. Installing our Pylons opens up the sound with better clarity and sounstage. Improving the top end also makes the bass more punchy with crisper waveforms. These must be the best value sound upgrade available anywhere and are renowned the world over.

The armboard isolation has also been addressed with our Trinty. This is a sophisticated miniature isolation system which really allows the quality of your tonearm and cartridge to sing. It really is the cherry on the cake when it comes to liberating the best sound form your machine.

If you have a Gyro and you are thinking of upgrading to an Orbe platter, you could try our Bass Driver first. The platter change is a great sound upgrade, but we just love the look of the standard Gyrodec and we can get similar improvements without loosing the style. It gives a similar mass increase and improves the vinyl to platter contact, improving the lower frequencies. It gives more weight to the sound.