Brass HiFi isolation

Solidair Audio Brass HiFi isolation. A range of great looking, versatile and customisable high performance HiFi isolation feet. These are designed to bring out the best in your HiFi components. By floating your HiFi components in the air on a damped magnetic levitation system, you can dramatically cut down on vibration in the circuitry. Components like capacitors, valves and coils react badly to vibration and it affects the sound they produce. Distortion is added to make the sound harsher and it blurs the sounds of individual instruments. You don’t want this, and you don’t have to put up with it. This range of feet add weight to the system. They considerably reduce feedback vibrations from the speakers. They damp out vibrations from moving parts and coils within the component. This adds up to bring out the best in your HiFi components. They also look fabulous and really enhance the aesthetics of your system.

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