Ukishima Height Adjuster – for all our Ukishima feet


Adjusters to be added to the Ukishima range of feet, to make them height adjustable.


Ukishima Adjuster to make our feet easily height adjustable

These Ukishima Adjusters can be added to the standard Solidair Audio Ukishima brass range of feet, to make them height adjustable. They are machined from brass and have a cork facing to prevent them from scratching your components. The cork also stops them sliding around once they are in position.

Some HiFi components have an uneven weight distribution. This can be catered for by moving the feet around to level the component. Sometimes the feet look better or fit better in certain positions, so the feet need to be adjustable to bring the HiFi unit to level. This is where the Ukishima Adjusters come in handy. All the standard brass Ukishima feet have an internal thread, so the adjusters can just screw straight in. The adjusters are not easily accessible once the feet are in place, so we also provide an acrylic spanner to hold the adjuster under the hifi unit. The foot can then be turned by hand to achieve the required height.
If necessary the adjusters can be screwed in place using a small screw. Sometimes people want to use our feet on their own platforms, so this can be easily catered for. Also the screws that fix many standard rubber feet in place can be used to fix these on in their stead.
The Ukishima Adjusters are sold individually, so you only have to buy as many as you need. Fully screwed in the Ukishima Adjusters add about 1.5mm to the height of the foot. They can be screwed out by about 10mm, which is the effective range of the feet. The adjusters are here to enable you to have more freedom with your HiFi setup and get it looking how you want.

We can make these differently to order if necessary. For example we have made some for a customer with a thread in the top, so they could be bolted to a turntable. Just contact us if you think this could be helpful.




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