Dark Star 270 Speaker Suspension Bridges – For heavier speakers


Solidair Audio Dark Star 270 Speaker Suspension Bridges give an excellent sound improvement and stability for speakers.


Dark Star 270 Speaker Suspension Bridges

Dark Star 270 Speaker Suspension Bridges for superb isolation for your HiFi speakers. We have taken the new Dark Star feet and used them under our speaker suspension bridges. We have tried to keep the cost as low as possible with these bridges, without compromising sound improvement in any way.

The results under speakers are very impressive and allow your speakers to perform to their best. They cut out the resonances from the floor and surroundings by keeping all the energy in the speaker. The sound stage grows and listening is effortless. The speakers almost disappear to leave a pure seamless soundscape that is pure joy to listen to.

They are a very stable platform, with little speaker movement. They can also take a very large load, speakers up to about 200kg will be fine on these. They also work just as well under light weight speakers, so they are very versatile. They can also be made to different lengths if speakers have specific requirements.

The bridge itself is made from 9mm (3/8″) black anodised aluminium.  They are 345mm long, 53mm wide and 53mm tall (about 13 1/2″ by 2″ by 2″). They will add about 44mm (1 3/4″) to your speaker height. They can take speakers up to 275mm (10 1/2″ inches) wide. They will work well under most weights of speaker, the only real limit is the speaker width.

A pair of  these bridges should be good for a speaker up to about 200Kg (440Lb) in weight, maybe more. The load capacity for a single Dark Star foot has been tested up to 50Kg (110lb), but they look like they could take more. The main body is made from a carbon fibre tube which holds an ebony foot on a braided nylon web. They are very strong and do look rather splendid. They can be used as they are on a hard flat surface, or with a Landing Pad (coaster) on a soft surface like carpet. The Landing Pad adds 3mm (1/8 inch) to the height and they are sold separately as they are not always needed.

These bridges can be made to different sizes if required, just contact us with your requirements. It will typically take two weeks to ship custom products as we are not able to do the plating or anodising in house.


Please note :

All our wood is obtained through sustainable Cites certified suppliers.

The price is for a set of four Dark Star Suspension Bridges.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 400 × 300 × 12 cm


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