Dark Star Halo 50 isolation feet – Super thin suspension


Solidair Audio Dark Star Halo, super thin versatile isolation feet suitable for most for HiFi components.


Dark Star 50 Halo isolation feet

We have had a call to develop a product that can help people who have limited height, particularly in racks. We therefore decided to have a look at reducing the height of the Dark Star feet to a minimum to cater for this need. We are pleased to announce the Dark Star Halo. At 15mm tall they are pretty thin (the cork facing if needed adds 1mm to take them to 16mm tall).

The Dark Star Halo 50 isolation feet have a good weight capacity range up to about 15kg. They lend themselves to most HiFi isolation situations particularly when space is limited. They can be used in sets of three for most applications. Visually two feet at the front usually looks best. It may be better to use four feet on heavy amps due to weight distribution and on speakers for stability. For simplicity the feet are sold individually so you only need to order as many as you need, but you will need at least three.

The overall diameter of the Dark Star feet is 52mm (2 inches) and height around 15mm (0.6 inches). They weigh around 55 grams (2oz). Their load capacity has been tested up to 15g (33lb) for a single foot, but they look like they could take more. The main body is made from a carbon fibre tube which holds an aluminium foot on a braided high performance thread web. They are very strong and do look rather splendid.

There are three options:

Standard – They are designed to be used on a hard, flat, level surface as there is no base to the carbon tube. Cork disks for the tops will be supplied, we can apply them for you you let us know.

Flat Base – a flat base in polished aluminium, for use on low pile carpet, supplied with a cork facing, which we can fix on if you let us know. Please note these options will add 5 to 6mm to the height (20-22mm in total)

X-Ring Base – We can supply them with an aluminium base which has an X ring located in it, for additional isolation and grip. These would need to be on a flat level surface.

Please note :

The price is for a single Dark Star Halo foot.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 11 cm
Dark Star Halo 50

Standard, Flat Base, X-Ring Base


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