Ukishima Platform – A level adjustable acrylic platform with 20Kg capacity

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A stunning looking floating acrylic platform with four adjustable magnetic levitation feet to fit most hi-fi separates or for double supension systems for ultimate isolation.


Ukishima Platform

A stunning looking floating 15mm thick HiFi isolation platform, made from 350mm by 450mm acrylic with four adjustable brass and stainless steel magnetic levitation feet. Suitable for most hi-fi separates or for double magnetic suspension systems for even better isolation. This has been designed to look great with high end hi-fi and give you the unique Solidair isolation experience, without having to make any adjustment to your hi-fi units. You just place the component on the platform adjust the feet for level and enjoy the sound improvement.

It will carry up to 20Kg with four 6Kg height adjustable feet. The magnet set can also be upgraded to give a 35Kg total capacity (£20 extra). See here.

You can also put this under existing isolation for further audiophile gains. For high end equipment this will probably be the best value for money upgrade you can make, to make the most of all that fine equipment, without noise being picked up and upsetting the sound. Typically the quiet parts of the music become black and noiseless, the high notes are pure and have no harsh edge and the bass is deep and fast. The difference is quite significant and does not colour the sound in any way, it just takes out the noise

1 review for Ukishima Platform – A level adjustable acrylic platform with 20Kg capacity

  1. Simon

    My kit sits on a rack with damping built into it, and each separate has Ukishima feet from Solidair underneath them. I experienced a problem playing one CD with high volumes, and ordered a platform to try to address it (as I do use high volumes sometimes). Turned out that the disc was in need of little more than a good clean, but I am very glad I ordered a platform.

    The gains are of a similar order of magnitude to using the magnetic isolation feet – I’m not sensing much of a ‘diminishing returns’ effect yet. There’s more space around (and definition to) voices and instruments, and more detail – the plectrum striking strings on an acoustic guitar is clearly and separately audible at the start of ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide’, for example. Voices sound wonderfully natural and fluid, as a result of which the feeling of the artist communicating with listener is enhanced..

    Even recordings that are not ideal are helped – say something with a sibilant singing style and recorded in an acoustically ‘live’ setting (like REM’s ‘Nightswimming’ – with greater delineation between singer and environment.

    Overall, very pleased. Isolating gear from vibration seems to me to be the most neglected area of hifi, and I think this means a lot of music enthusiasts are missing out on some very cost-effective ways of getting the best out of their gear.

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