transcriptor performance pack

Transcriptor and Early Gyrodec Performance Pack


Magnetic levitation feet for the Michell Transcriptor three feet models and mk1 Gyrodec.


Transcriptor and Early Gyrodec Performance Pack

The Transcriptor Performance pack, for the legendary Michell Transcriptor turntable, comprises three high quality magnetic levitation feet, to float the turntable on air and isolate it it from noise interference.

This is a specific performance kit which compliments the aesthetic of the beautiful Michell Transcriptor turntable models with three foam damped feet. It also fits the early Gyrodec models that don’t have a separate motor, but have it mounted on the chassis. It comprises three modified brass and stainless steel Solidair Audio Ukishima 10 feet. It offers a significant sound upgrade and additional damping replacing the standard foam sprung feet. The feet also damp the noise created by the motor and other moving parts to give a quieter background too.
We  love the way the Transcriptor looks, so it was important to compliment the unique aesthetic of this iconic turntable and we think we have achieved this. The materials and shapes really look the part and could have come with the it as standard equipment. The magnetic field is also well contained and does extend anywhere near the sensitive signal path, so we are confident you would not be disappointed with this product on any level.

For lighter weight Transcriptors and early Gyrodecs the Michell Syncro Performance pack with lighter duty front feet may work better. It still uses the 10Kg foot at the rear, as there is usually more weight there on these models. The magnets can always be swapped later if necessary.


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