Normal Load HiFi Isolation Feet

Solidair Audio Normal Load HiFi Isolation Feet. Anti vibration solutions for most standard sized hifi units. This range is designed to cope with most commonly found components. You need to have at least three feet for a stable suspension system, but more feet can be added for heavier components. If you need more than five it would usually be best to go to a heavier magnet set.

The feet work best if loaded quite well, so it is best to not use more feet than you need or to use heavier feet than you need. Sometimes components have an uneven weight distribution, so you may need more feet on one side, or use a more powerful pair of feet on one side. For example, on our reference system we have three feet under the back of the power amp and only two under the front. Two feet under the right side of our CD player and only one on the left.

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