Solidair Audio Michell isolation platform – for Gyrodec and Orbe


A specific isolation platform for the Michell Gyrodec.


Solidair Audio Michell Gyrodec isolation platform

Michell Gyrodec isolation platform is a specific isolation platform for the Michell Gyrodec. It will also fit under the Orbe turntables. The feet are located to go under the the three turntable feet and under the centre of the motor to give extra isolation and noise reduction to this hi-fi icon. It has the added advantage of settling the turntable spring suspension mechanism quickly, with it’s built in damping.

The platform is made from clear acrylic 450mm wide and 350mm deep. It is 15mm thick and compliments the acrylic spider in the turntable. The feet are our brass Ukishima 6 or 10 feet
It can also be used with the Solidair Audio “Michell Gyrodec Performance Pack“, “The Trinity” or “Soliair Audio Pylons” for multiple layers of isolation. This gives a really black silence to the background and the performance of a far more expensive system. This is shown in the last two pictures and can be purchased separately.

We can make these with different materials for the feet, commonly aluminium or African Blackwood.
We can also offer different thicknesses of acrylic platform to suit individual preferences. Contact us if you would like more information.

“Isolation Platform has arrived and successfully installed – looks good and sounds even better” Mr Smith (Seattle USA)

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22kg, 38kg


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